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Week Beginning 20th September





On Friday we looked at the four layers of the rainforest and how these differed. Today I would like you to research some of the animals that live in each of those layers. Try to find different types of animals so not all insects or birds. 


Pick one of the animals and write up a fact file about them e.g. what do they eat, what do they look like, do they live alone or in groups, why do they live in that area of the rainforest, how have they adapted to live in that condition and any other interesting information you can find. Try to set it out so that it is a clear and interesting read to your audience and that the information is clear and easy to read. 




This week you need to look at different adverts and come up with some ideas of what makes a great advert. Mrs Flemming has found these adverts below for you to look at (some of them are Christmas ones) but you can look at others if you wish. 


John Lewis





Dairy Milk


Then have a look at this to help you

What makes a good advert?


So what do you think makes a good advert? 



Today in French we are continuing with the days of the week - to remind yourself about the days that we learnt last week check out this video here (I know how much you love random videos).


Then complete the activity below



We are continuing to look at worry this week. Unfortunately, I can't share the video we are going to look at in class so instead please complete these activities below. 



This week we have shifted the PE and Science around in class so today will be Mrs Fielding's afternoon. 



Can you do something active today? How many star jumps can you do in a minute? How many sit ups can you do? Can you balance something on your head for a minute or longer? 



This week you are looking at inheritance in relationship to characteristics that can be passed on from a parent to their offspring (child). Below is a PowerPoint for you to look at and then a set of characteristics on the PDF; you need to sort the characteristics into things that you think could be passed on through inheritance and things that wouldn't be. You don't need to print the cards out just write down the items into lists - inherited and non-inherited. 



This is a more difficult afternoon to set you work from as we have music and I don't know how many of you will have a glockenspiel at home along with a full set of percussion instruments so instead I have set you one of the other activities we did today. In class, we are continuing to look at The Arrival for our class reading comprehension and I thought you could have a go at making the origami birds that we see regularly in the book. We are doing this today for a challenge so why not see how successful your birds are check out the video here. 


If you still have some spare time and don't know what to do with yourself then please look at the 'Other' section of the home learning as there are a few quite cool activities on there like the Google Earth challenge. 



Today in class we are going to be drawing and painting an animal from the Amazon Rainforest to help brighten up our rainforest display board as it is looking So if you want to add something to our rainforest please select an animal from the Amazon Rainforest (it can be the one you looked at on Monday or a different animal) and then draw, paint, colour, collage whatever form you want and bring it back into school.