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Our achievements are many and varied.  Bishop's Hull prides itself on the all round education that our children receive. Children enjoy a range of sporting activities both in school and out of school.  We also participate in music festivals at Castle School and speaking competitions such as Children's Parliament. The school forum works hard for the school to promote positive outcomes such as creating a more eco friendly and sustainable environment within our school. The School forum also looks at how we can fundraise for those less fortunate than ourselves.  Our IT cadets strive to make sure all our children are safe online and know how to use the internet safely and responsibly. These are just some of the ways our children achieve success in a variety of different fields.


However, all schools are measured externally by the results that pupils achieve during their SATs in Year 6.  We work really hard with pupils to enable them to do the very best they can within these assessments - without allowing the rest of the curriculum to be lost.  


  We would like you to remember though, that we feel these achievements are only part - albeit an important part - of what we want for all of our pupils.  It is a snapshot of what a child can do on one day, in one way - not a complete reflection on who they are or what they may become.  We aim to give children a fantastic academic start to life - but so much more as well!


2021 -2022 SATS Data

2022-2023 Data Headlines including SATS