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 Mayan Civilisation


This term we are learning about the Mayan Civilisation; an ancient civilisation of people who lived in Mesoamerica which is now part of Central and Southern America. We will learn about their Gods, food, farming techniques, food and their temples.

If you want to do some research please look at the BBC website.



All About Me


We are nearly all back together and it is exciting and also a bit scary as it will be a lot of readjustment as we get back to our school routines and seeing everyone again.


In class I have created a new display board to celebrate us all coming back together and I need your help to complete it. It is a rainbow to celebrate the new beginnings and the positivity of us coming back together. I saw a complete rainbow one morning the week before half term as I stopped at Hankridge Sainsburys on my way in to school. It was a complete arch and people had stopped in the car park and were just staring at it as it is something of a natural wonder and always makes people smile. So I have made a display board with a rainbow on it to make you all smile. However I need some extra parts for the board - I need some positivity, some reasons to feel good and to smile so I want you to think about why you are pleased that we can all come back to school. I know that on Friday most of you said to see your friends and that is great but try to think about what seeing your friends means to you or try to think of something completely different.


I would like you to write your reason on a piece of paper that can be cut into a shape and decorated to go onto the board. My example is below. The piece of paper should be half of A4 or less so that I can fit them all back on the board - please bring this piece of work into school with you next week when we are back.

Try to be specific about what you are looking forward to, try to think about what it means to you to be back at school and what you are most looking forward to. On Friday, we talked a lot about the different things that we have to look forward to for the rest of the year so are any of those things you are glad can happen now we are getting back to school? I look forward to seeing all your different reasons for being back.





We are continuing to look at the circulatory system and hopefully last week you were able to learn some new things about the system. 


This week Mrs Fielding would like you to complete this reading comprehension about the circulatory system as a whole system. If you want to, she has also found a PowerPoint with some more information if you are interested in reading up on it. 




The last lesson in this RE Unit is a powerful and an important one, not just for Christians but for us all. 


Today we will be looking at the parable The Unforgiving Servant - in this story Jesus taught his followers about the importance of forgiveness and how God would forgive them for all their sins but only if they could show forgiveness to their fellow men and women. 


I have found a 'modern' take on the story which I found really powerful and made the message clear in relation to things we do and see happening in today's world. Watch this video and think about how it makes you feel. It made me think about how many times I have forgiven others or how many times I have chosen not to forgive others for things they have done to me. Can we expect to be forgiven ourselves if we never show forgiveness to other people? 


Christians believe that God allowed Jesus to be killed on the cross to pay back in full for all the wrong things that people have done on Earth. By owning up to these wrongdoings to God and wanting to change and accepting his forgiveness for this then they too can be forgiven. However, if God can forgive them for their mistakes then they should also be able to show the same level of forgiveness to others for their mistakes. 


I want you to think of a time when someone may have done something wrong to you, this could be in the playground, online, with friends or with family. Did you forgive them? Was it easy to do? How did you feel once you had forgiven them? If you chose not to forgive them do you think you were able to move on? Could you remain friends? You do not need to write this down, although you can if you want to, but today's activity is more about thinking about the message and how Christians can link this to their belief in God but also how non-Christians could use this idea to help them when they face difficult challenges. 





The Maya civilisation developed new farming techniques to help them grow more crops. Their techniques made the most of the land types they had around them as some areas were too wet, some were too steep and space was sometimes limited so they developed three main ways to use the land. You can see these different methods here.


This way of farming showed the clever thinking and practical ways of the Mayas to solve problems, they really were a very clever civilisation. 


The main crop the Mayas grew was maize, but they also grew root vegetables, avocados, squash and beans. Maize made up 80% of their diet. They made tortillas, beer and a type of porridge with the maize. The Maya also grew cocoa and chillies.


Chocolate was a luxury item for the Mayas and is not what we would think of as chocolate today, it was more bitter and was often flavoured with chilli or other spices to make it more enjoyable. They would drink it in a form of hot chocolate and it was often used in religious ceremonies and celebrations as it was seen as sent to Earth by the Gods. Cacao beans that were used to make chocolate were so rare that the beans were used as currency - imagine going to pay for your food with chocolate? 


Today I would like you to do some research on what food the Mayas had and ways they used their crops to make a variety of meals. They were very inventive with their food and liked to add spices to improve dishes. You need to make a poster or leaflet explaining the different foods that they had and more details about the way they cooked. I have found this video below which I thought you might like. I have also added a PowerPoint about the Maya foods however you can do your own research to find out more.