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September 2016 saw the launch of our new curriculum.  Staff have been working hard throughout the year to re-design the curriculum.  This was for a few reasons.  Firstly to ensure that it provides full coverage of the new National Curriculum which became statutory in September 2014; to ensure that it was relevant for our pupils and met their needs; and finally to make it as exciting and vibrant as possible.


We are thrilled to share with your our new QUEST based learning.  This is a concept that we have created ourselves, gathering ideas of good practice from many different sources and blending them together.  The basic principle is that the whole school investigates something together, shares a common start point and end point but then takes the learning off in many other directions.  The majority of our learning throughout the day is linked to this quest in one way or another.  Some subjects stand aside from this, and these are therefore taught as discrete units within the week.  Please see our core offer below for more information.

Curriculum Core Offer