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Week beginning 27th September



This week you are going to complete a project about the Amazon Rainforest. You need to create an information booklet about the Amazon rainforest. Think about the type of information someone would be interested in finding out about  -climate, location, animals, facts etc. Also think about how you are going to set it out; do you want loads of text for the reader to plough through or do you think it would be easier/better for them to have the information split into paragraphs and sections with maps, photographs, illustrations to break up the whole amount of text.


Today I would like you to complete the research part of the project and you will need to complete the brochure over different afternoons this week.


So today you are thinking, what information about the Amazon Rainforest would people like to know or be interested in reading about - remember you are writing an information booklet so think about what your audience would want to read.



Today is PE and Science day. I will upload the science below from Mrs Fielding; you are looking at adaptation and how different animals have altered their bodies to be able to live in different environments. 


You need to cut/copy the animals/living things, habitat and the traits they have adapted into the chart provided. If you can't print it out then please write it up on paper. 

Wednesday and Thursday


Carrying on with your research from Monday I would like you to produce an information leaflet about the Amazon Rainforest. You can present this in anyway that you would like to and this is your own way to show what information you have found and present it in a way that you would like to. You do need to consider the following things though

  • How will you make it attractive and eye-catching to a reader?
  • How do you seperate the different areas of information? Sub headings? Seperate boxes? Bullet points?
  • How do you make the information exciting to the readers that make them want to read on?
  • What pictures, maps etc could you add to your work to make it more appealing?
  • How can you make your leaflet stand out from the others?

You can present this anyway you like and be as creative as you would like to be. What I'm interested to see is how you choose to present the information you found on Monday.