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The first unit for Spring Term is looking at decimals and understanding the place value of them and how to multiply and divide with them. Each day I wil add a video and the worksheet or a selection of activities to go with it. There are also some activities to work on with the BBC Bitesize pages you can explore their website as some of their games are good practice.


At the bottom of this page are other activities that you can keep practicing and working on. Remember there is always TTRockstars, MyMaths and MathsShed to keep playing. The TTRockstars Tournament is live. 


Fractions to decimals (2)

Did you spot the mistake on the video-we did in class. They were sneaky and changed one of the numbers in the first set of questions to make it easier to calculate! Cheeky. 


Today we are going to complete a sheet which looks back over all the areas of decimals that we have covered this unit. Have a go at the questions and see how you get on.

Once you have completed it I would like you to have a go at the word problems, you can do them in your exercise book.


It is really important to keep working on your written calculations because it is important to not only be quick but also to be accurate with them.


We looked at addition, subtraction, multiplication and division last term and it is always good to keep practising them. We have sent home the Calculations Workbooks so please feel free to practice these at any point. 




Knowing your multiplication and division facts are so important as it helps you with so many things. You can use TTRockstars and MathsShed as they are great for letting you practise. The quicker you are the easier you will find written calculations. Once you've practised your times tables try some written methods. REMEMBER THE PLACE HOLDER!