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If you are finishing this work early and finding it easy then please complete some of your pages in your Calculations White Rose Maths book that we sent home. 


Also remember there is always TTRockstars, MyMaths and MathsShed to keep playing. The TTRockstars Tournament is still live. 


This beginning part of the week we are focusing on  finding the area of triangles and then we will look at volume of a 3D shape (and no I don't mean how loud they are!).

Area of a triangle (1)

Area of a triangle (2)

Area of a triangle (3)



We are looking at volume for the last part of the week. Today I have included two sets of sheets as hopefully they should link together. Remember volume is the amount of space inside a 3D shape so imagine measuring the amount of space inside your cereal box or inside a shoe box, that is volume. 

What is volume?

Volume of a cuboid