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Thank you for the character descriptions that some of you sent me last week - I loved reading them. It was great to see how you all took it in different ways. For all of the ones submitted on GC I have read them and sent you feedback so please have a look, you do not need to change anything in your work this time but think about my points for next time.




Today we are going to look at another writer's technique 'idioms'. Idioms are a phrase or expression that has a double meaning. It's usually used in order to emphasise or exaggerate something e.g. She's burning the candle at both ends this doesn't literally mean that the woman is holding a candle and has lit it at both ends so that it is burning at both ends it means that she is working both night and day. 


I have found some idioms relating to the dark and I would like you to find the meaning of each of these phrases and then pick one to draw the 'literal' meaning (e.g. the woman burning a candle at both ends) and the 'idiosm' meaning (e.g. a woman working both day and night).

  • the darkest hour is just before dawn
  • a shot in the dark
  • to whistle in the dark
  • a dark horse
  • every dark cloud has a silver lining
  • to be kept in the dark


Wednesday and Thursday


Over the next two days I would like you to create your own darkness poem however this time I would like you to write it in the positive as if you are praising darkness. 


So to begin with I want you to think about all the things darkness is a positive thing for you can write them up in your book as a list or draw them on a piece of paper as I have done below - see how creative you can be- Mrs Adams' idea was that the darkness hid the dust in her house so she could avoid polishing! 



Once you have some ideas you can begin to write your ideas up in a poem for example here is an idea for a starter but I'm sure you can come up with your own one which will be much better. I have set up a template on GC so you can type it up on there as I am really enjoying seeing your work and what you have been producing at home. 


In Praise of Darkness 

Praise to you Dark, you show us the stars,

you show us the glorious colours of fireworks,

you coax the badger and the fox out to play in the moonlight.



I know some of you were very eager yesterday and managed to plan and write your poems which is great but if you didn't get a chance to complete your poem then please do that today as I did assign you two days to do the writing.


If you did finish it yesterday today I would like you to write a short adventure story with dark as your main character. You can use your character description from the beginning of the week but I want your story to be less than 200 words. I have again put it up on Google Classroom as there is a word count function on there. If the word count doesn't show up at the bottom corner then click on tools at the top and select Word count.

Dark by Tony Mitton

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