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In year 6, we look at several different genres or styles of writing and we use a range of sources to help inspire us to become better writers from picture books to videos and historical events to fantastical fiction. 


Autumn Term


The Invisible, by Tom Percival and are writing some character back stories for some of the invisible characters that she meets. 


We will carry on thinking about whether life is fair that some people have more money than others and we discussed why this is the case and whether we believed this to be fair. We wrote our own discussion texts to view these points. 


This is me - poetry unit based on what makes us, us. We entered the Literacy Writers competition and all our entries were picked to be published in the book - an amazing achievement!  


Voices in the Park - Anthony Browne, a book that tells the same event from four different viewpoints. We looked at how we can write in different character voices to express their opinion and characteristics. 


Dark - Tony Mitton. A poem about where dark can be hiding. We wrote our own poems looking at what makes dark good. Some amazing poems here and I was so proud of all of them.


Katherine Johnson - we learnt about this amazing lady who was a fantastic mathematician who helped calculate the exact location needed for take off and landing for the Friendship 7 and John Glenn's mission to space. We learnt about her life and wrote a biography about this amazing lady. 


Christmas Truce - We are looking at the Sainsbury's advert from several years ago based in the trenches of WW1 and how they held a momentary truce so they could play football and mix with the Germans on Christmas Day. We then wrote our own personal letters home as if we were the man in the trench on Christmas Day.