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EYFS at Forest School

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A WARNING from Miss Brimble!! You may be forgiven for thinking, 'This isn't what school looks like!'wink. At Bishop's Hull Primary School, every class teacher aims to make learning fun and give the children lots of different fun experiences. I am, (I consider!) just a bit luckier in that I get to take the children outside and make learning even more 'hands on' with lots of activities that the children can't fail to enjoy! Who wouldn't like to be on a tyre swing during a lesson or lighting a fire and making toast (or even better s'mores) ??! There is so much to learn about being outside with nature and the changing seasons and we are very lucky to have lots of adults that are great at helping us to do this. 


We do have lots of fun at Forest School. Our adults aim to bring in many aspects of the EYFS curriculum in each session. We are encouraged to have confidence in ourselves and our abilities as well as try new things. Lots of our activities involve experiencing things and increasing our language as well as consolidating other learning. We also do lots to help our muscles build up ready for writing. It may look to you like we are 'just playing and having fun', but actually we are learning lots! There are some things we have out most sessions but our 'adult led activities' change most weeks. 

Everything below here is from previous academic years, but you may still like to look at some of the things we have done and the fun we have had!



As a Christmas treat we made s’mores at Forest School! It was great fun. We were very excited (adults too!).

We had to be very careful at the fire and listen to instructions very carefully. 



Forest School fun!

16.11.20 We read We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt.


We recognised that it was similar to  ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’. We read the story together and then did lots of leaf based activities. Miss Brimble sent us on our own leaf hunt. We had to find a red leaf, a large leaf, a small leaf, a leaf that had been eaten by mini beasts and a leaf of our choice. We made patterns with leaves, used lots of different adjectives to describe leaves, their similarities and differences as well as doing some leaf rubbings. Some of us made ‘leaf trees’ by threading leaves onto a stick. 


We found a letter on the gate into the copse! It was from the bear in the story last session. He told us he was really a friendly bear and just wanted to play. He has lots of bear friends and their favourite game is hide and seek. They wanted to know if we would play with them which of course we did! They hid around the copse and we had to count how many we could find. 

We had great fun on the balance trail today and are starting to get very brave at jumping off the crates!


Today was one of Miss Brimble’s favourite lessonsđŸ˜€! Today, we went on a bear hunt!!

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen is one of our favourite stories in EYFS. We went through long, swishy, grass; crossed rivers, tramped through thick oozy mud (some of us got stuck and our wellies came off!); stumbled through a forest, braved a snowstorm and then found a cave with . . . a bear!! We had to race back through the story to the safety of being under the bed covers (tarpaulin) after we had remembered to shut the front door. 

It’s amazing where stories can take you. All of the children joined in with the repeating phrases and acting out the story. 

Afterwards we enjoyed retelling the story with the characters. 

We set up a balance trail and had great fun dragging each other around on a tyre.



We helped Miss Brimble tell the story of The Little Red Hen. We had the characters to retell the story by ourselves.

We have also been looking at and talking about sweet chestnuts. They have VERY prickly casings that are just like hedgehogs! Miss Brimble set us the challenge of holding them without getting prickled! We did some counting and had to be very good ‘treasure spotters’ as Miss Brimble and Mss Grundy often like to hide treasures around the copse!! We have some very special silver pine cones to search for. 

28.09.20 Our first Forest School session!