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Morpurgo Class (Year 5)

Welcome to Morpurgo Class

 Michael Morpurgo

This was painted by Felicity

 Mrs Payne teaches Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Mrs Wallis teaches on Thursday. Along with 34 incredible children, we are

Morpurgo Class.


Once a child has tested positive, or has been found to be in contact with someone who has tested positive, we will deliver a workpack. It will contain an exercise book, a White Rose Maths book, a Read Write Inc book and plain paper. Daily activities will be set on the Isolation Rainbow. Obviously, if your child is feeling unwell, we do not expect them to tackle home learning.

Summer Term 2021

 If you are determined to learn, no-one can stop you

We are looking forward to a busy and happy Summer Term together. 



Land Yachts

Our class have been reading Michael Morpurgo's wonderful book 'Kensuke's Kingdom'.

We were inspired to make our own land yachts. During DT lessons, we made plans, sketched out ideas, gathered materials and got to work. The video below shows the first test of our land yachts. Although there was a good breeze, the wind direction kept changing. 





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A Blue Tit Diary

We are busy recording activities that are taking place in our Blue Tit box.

Every February, finding a partner is a top priority for the Blue Tit. The birds then start searching for a safe, warm place to build their nest. 

In March, a pair of blue tits started investigating our nest box. On 1st March, nesting materials began to appear. There are now five eggs in the nest and the female is incubating them.


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Sad News

National Numeracy Day

It is National Numeracy Day on Wednesday 19th May. To find out more about this event click here.

 The Surprising Number 37

The number 37 has a special magic to it.

If you multiply 37 x 3, you get    111

If you multiply 37 x 6, you get    222

If you multiply 37 x 9, you get    333

 If you multiply 37 x 12, you get   444 

If you multiply 37 x 15, you get   555

If you multiply 37 x 18, you get   666

If you multiply 37 x 21, you get   777

If you multiply 37 x 24, you get 888

If you multiply 37 x 27, you get 999





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Watch Morpurgo Class perform 'Numberless' by Ian Souter

Spring Term 2021


I hope you managed to keep your handmade Christmas gift well hidden until Christmas Day. I'm sure your beautiful weavings were very much appreciated. You were all expert wrappers and gift card designers. Well done!

I am delighted with my woven gift. smiley Thank-you Eliza.



Mrs Fielding has added some great activities on the

GET ACTIVE PAGE. Click here to learn how to juggle.


When choosing a book, I know that some of you gravitate towards a particular author or genre.  BookMatch matches you up with similar books you might enjoy. I know that Jack M has read all of his Christmas David Walliams books and is looking for something else to try.

Click here for the link. You might find just the right book for you.

Has anyone else been cooking? Feast your eyes on these scrumdiddlyumptious cakes. Well done Ruben.


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IMG_5332 (1).MOV

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Autumn  Term

Here We Are





 It has been lovely getting to know our new class. The children have coped remarkably well with all the regular hand washing and the new routines that are in place to keep them safe.

At the end of the school day, Morpurgo Class are now lining up outside of the classroom. This means that parents can keep moving through the one-way system and won’t have to stop and wait for their child. 



During the first two weeks of term, we enjoyed the Oliver Jeffers book 'Here We Are' This book inspired us to write and create. We wrote some poems and also made an information book about stars and constellations.                                

Playtime Fun!

We have recently had some new playground markings. We were delighted when Ben Fox  from 'Inspired Playgrounds' visited us. Ben showed our Year 5 and 6 Playground Leaders how the markings could be used at playtimes. After some training with Mrs Fielding and Ben, our Playtime Leaders were ready for action. They introduced new games and activities to everybody in Year 5. Great fun was had by all. 


Before the half term break, we had a busy session making a pocket-size book. The aim was to fill the book with riddles during the half term holiday. Morpurgo Class set to work and filled their book with some real brain teasers. Once back at school, we had fun trying to solve each riddle.


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Today, Reverend Phil sent every child in the school a lovely stripy paper bag with an invitation to the Christingle Service at St Peter and St Paul Church on Sunday 13th December. Excitingly, also inside the bag was a Christingle 'making' kit.


During the service on Sunday, Reverend Phil will explain about what the Christingle stands for and means. If you can't go to the church, the service will be recorded  on the St Peter and St Paul, Bishop's Hull,  Facebook page.


We discussed Christingle in the classroom. Click on the document for more information.



The Christingle Service is now on the Church Facebook page and Reverend Phil explains in a really clear way what all the parts of the Christingle mean to Christians.


I have bought a copy of the new Michael Morpurgo book. The book was inspired by an event in Michael Morpurgo's childhood. It certainly lives up to expectations and I can't wait to read it to you next week.


We have now read the book and written  some reviews. 


Christmas Party 2020

Despite having to stay in our bubble and sit in rows, our Christmas party was a great success. We had oodles of fun. What a super class!

Lights, Camel, Action! Available on Bishop's Hull TV

Here's a sneaky preview.