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Art and DT


Below are some links to help further our art and DT skills.  At the moment some of the art skills we are using are sketching, drawing self portraits and using mixed media.

This is a great website to help you to improve your drawing skills.  It takes you through step by step!

BBC Bitesize is fantastic ans has links to all art and DT skills needed in KS2.



Make your own sketchbook at home.


AccessArt has created a short online course suitable for all ages and all abilities to use at home. No special materials are required, and it is completely free to take part.

For more information, please follow the link below:


Tate Art

Lots of videos from the Tate Art museum for children

Lots of resources including ideas, videos and links to help engage and promote Art when remote learning





  • Out of The Ark is a music based website which has many lessons and activities to incorporate music into your day.  

Click here!