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Welcome to Dahl Class!


Happy Easter!


Well, Dahl Class, I cannot believe we've got all the way to the end of the Spring Term and we haven't been able to sing Spring Chicken together.  This just doesn't feel right!


So, your mission is to get everyone in your house to sing Spring Chicken and to do our actions which, as you know, are a bit different to the ones on the Out of the Ark video because we have more of them.  If you can't remember our actions, use theirs or create your own.  Why not sing the song with people you are Facetiming etc?  Spread a little silliness and happiness this Easter! Have fun!    (Go to Week 2 Fun Friday)


Missing you all loads!!!


Mrs Norrey


If you enjoy music,

have you thought about applying for Blue Peter's music badge?

Things to do when you've finished your daily activities


  • Try some of the Dahl activities below.
  • Have a go at Miss Brimble's Forest School activities.
  • Ask your parents to help you choose a free audio book at
  • Sing some of the Out of the Ark songs.  The Week 3 selection is now live!           

     (Your parents will need to activate a code by going to and          using the code UKTWINKLHELPS)

     You can even begin to learn a language!  

Don't forget to look on the Forest School webpage for forest school type activities you can do in your home and garden.

Lots of them are 'off screen' ideas.

Roald Dahl Activities


Which Roald Dahl books can you read while you are off?

Remember to listen to the Roald Dahl CDs if you have borrowed some.

You could write book blurbs or book reviews about them.

Why not try retelling the stories yourself 

(perhaps from the viewpoints of different characters)

or write other stories using the same characters? 

You could even take characters from different books

and put them all together in a story!



Before our school closed, we were talking about

the chefs on Great British Menu cooking meals inspired by children's books. 

Mrs Turner's daughter made this amazing Roald Dahl cake for World Book Day.



You could try designing your own cake based on a children's book. 

What ingredients would you use?  (You could have a sensible and a silly version!) 


Have a look at the activities at

Mojo Mindful Breathing Class Dojo

Daily Activities

I've changed the order so that Week 2's are at the top.  Scroll down if you've missed anything!

Monday 30th March



1.  Ask someone to test you on the spellings from last week.

2.  Do the Year 3/4 wordsearch that we put into your orange book.

3.  Make sure that you have written down last week's reading in your BHBOAE.  Write a few sentences saying what you enjoyed about the books you read.



Colour one of the timestables mosaics that we put into your orange book.


Forest School

Try one of Miss Brimble's Forest School activities.  Can you take some photos?



Tuesday 31st March



Today we are revising tenths and hundredths so that we can learn about decimals


Click here and go to Week 1 Lesson 1.

1. Play the video.

2. Try the activities.

3. Check your answers.


Writing for Tuesday and Wednesday.

This week you are going to draw or create a dragon that will be the main character in your very own Dragons of Kilve story!

After you have decided what it will look like, think about

- what it eats

- how it moves

- what it's good at

- what it's bad at.


Write some powerful adjectives, verbs, adverbs and similes that you could use when you describe the dragon in your story.



Try these activities to help you learn about conductors and insulators.



Wednesday 1st April



Today we are writing tenths as decimals


Click here and go to Week 1 Lesson 2.

1. Play the video.

2. Try the activities.

3. Check your answers.



Carry on with creating your own dragon.



Log in to Yumu. Have a listen to the Abba songs in Steps 2 and 4 of Mamma Mia.  Can you answer the questions?


Go to the Out of the Ark site to do some singing.


Thursday 2nd April



Today we are continuing to learn about tenths


Click here and go to Week 1 Lesson 3.

1. Play the video.

2. Try the activities.

3. Check your answers.


Grammar Practice

Use the sheet in your orange book to practise identifying nouns and verbs.  Have you spotted which word I've just used as a noun and a verb?


An Introduction to Forces 

Follow these links to find out what forces are. (You made need to log in to Espresso before the Espresso link works).

Can you see places where forces are acting in your house?



Friday 3rd April



Today we are putting tenths onto a numberline


Click here and go to Week 1 Lesson 4.

1. Play the video.

2. Try the activities.

3. Check your answers.



Watch this video to learn about gravity.


Test your knowledge with this activity.



Answer the questions about 'Heywood Library'.

The answers to 'Have You Noticed My Notice?' are below.


Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Monday 23rd March



Over the last few weeks, we have been learning how to find fractions of shapes and equivalent fractions. We have also added and subtracted fractions with the same denominator. To keep practising these skills, log into MyMaths to complete the activities that I have set. 


If you haven’t completed the other MyMaths activities that have been set, do those too.


Then, spend some time on TimesTables Rockstars to continue improving your recall speed. Can anyone else get 25 on Soundcheck or can you improve your score?smiley




Sometimes the s sound is spelt sc.  It can be at the beginning or middle of a word.


Examples: scent    scene    science    scissors    muscle    ascend    descend    fascinate


  • Find out the meanings of any words that you don't know. 
  • Write sentences using the words.
  • Have a look at Spelling Shed.  I have set you some activities to help you learn these words.


Tip: to help you spell these words, try sounding the c as k.  It sounds funny, but will help you to remember the silent c! 




It is really important for your health and wellbeing that you keep active.  Today, spend time doing some of the exercises below. 


Can you do some exercises every day?  


Tuesday 24th March



Complete the MyMaths 'Lesson' and 'Online Homework' called

'Year 4: Introducing Equivalent Fractions'.


Remember that you can go back to revise the Year 2 and 3 lessons about fractions if you want to build your confidence!



Can you do dots and dashes to work out the number of sounds in these words? 











Then add suffixes to the words on the sheet below.


I'll give you the answers on Friday.


Writing for Tuesday and Wednesday


Who was your favourite dragon in The Dragons of Kilve?

Write some sentences

  • explaining what the dragon looked like, the ways it behaved and what the other dragons thought of it.
  • write about why you liked it.
  • Draw it.


If you have more than one favourite, write about both of them.  

Wednesday 25th March



Continue writing about your favourite dragons from 'The Dragons of Kilve'.


DT for Wednesday and Thursday

Over the last few weeks we have been designing and making times tables games that contain electric circuits.


Today, design a box lid for your game.  Look at some games you have at home.  Notice how the lids often show what the games look like, tell you why the games are good to play and give the games fantastic names to grab your attention. The lids are also clear and attractive to look at.


Think of

- a name for your game

- short, snappy sentences that will make people think it's a great game to help with learning tables


Then, draw and colour your lid.  Include

- the game's name

- the short, catchy sentences you thought of

- a picture of the game. 




Well done to those of you who have been using Rockstars.  I can see that some of you have got your best-ever scores!


Today, have a go at learning Rolling Numbers off by heart.  The words are below.



Thursday 26th March



Choose 6 tricky words from the spellings you worked at on Monday and Tuesday. 

-Write  each of them 4 times using your best handwriting. 

- Say the letters of each word out loud.  Can you put them into a rhythm to help you 

   remember them?

- Close your eyes and try to imagine the spellings with your eyes shut.

- Try writing the words with your eyes shut! 

- Write the hardest one in bubble writing. Draw pictures around it to help you 

   remember what it means.



Continue designing a fantastic lid for your multiplication game!



Maths for Thursday and Friday


We're now moving on to finding fractions of amounts.  You have done this in other year groups, but I have put some links to things you have covered before to help you remember.  Then, do the Year 4 activities in MyMaths.


Maths Tutorials - Finding Simple Fractions of Amounts

This tutorial looks at finding simple fractions of amounts (where the numerator is 1). This is the first in a series of two videos on finding fractions of am...

Maths Tutorials - Finding Fractions of Amounts

This tutorial looks at finding fractions of amounts where the numerator is not 1. This is the second in a series of two videos on finding fractions of amount...

Friday 27th March



Carry on with Thursday's activities.  Use Mathshed to practise number bonds if you have spare time.



It's reading comprehension day smiley!  Please answer the questions to 'Have You Noticed My Notice?'.  I'll give you the answers next Friday.


Below are the answers to last week's comprehension and to Tuesday's spellings.

Electrical Switches

Watch the Espresso video about how switches work.  Then, ask your parents to log into Twinkl (they have to use the code!) and help you to look at the Twinkl Powerpoints about the home-made switches we could make at school and the different switches you may see around your house.  

Happy Memories of Kilve!

Happy Memories of Kilve! 1 Getting ready for a walk on the Quantocks

Shelter Building

As you can see, Dahl Class has had a busy first day.  Mrs Fielding said, "We are trying to de-mud the children! I have never seen as much mud as today! Even the instructor fell over and lost his welly!"



Kilve: Day 2

Another great day at Kilve.  Our activities included climbing, archery, grass sledging and the 'Low Ropes' course.  Even a heavy hailstorm couldn't dampen our enthusiasm!



The Spring Term's Quest is Wonderfully Made.



We have lots of science topics this Spring Term.


We will be learning about 




forces and magnets

the environment.


What is your favourite musical instrument?  Do you know how it makes a sound?


What do you know about how to use electricity safely?


Can you name different ways of generating electricity?


What do you think are the most important electrical inventions ever made?






How are you getting on with learning your times tables?


Remember to use Maths Shed and Times Tables Rockstars to help you see if you can answer questions within 6 seconds.



More maths games


Hit the Button





Click here

to learn more about how to stay safe online and on your mobile.



Purple Mash 

Remember that you can access Purple Mash from home.

It has lots of fun educational games. 



Homelearning should be written neatly and in pencil. Please can all straight lines be drawn with a ruler. Please can mistakes be erased or have a straight line drawn through them. Thank you.




Your Bishop's Hull Book of Almost Everything will go home with you each day and will contain words that you have found difficult to spell during our Read, Write Inc lessons. Please practise them at home.  


 Maths activities are set on a Friday and should be completed by the following Thursday please. 


Sometimes we will ask you to do something linked to our Quest or topic.  You will write the details about these extra pieces of homelearning in your Bishop's Hull Book of Almost Everything .


Contacting Us


If you would like to contact us about any of the information on this webpage, Mrs Norrey is usually available in the classroom from 8:50am to 9am and from 3:30pm to 3:40pm.  Mrs Fielding will usually be available at these times on Mondays.