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Week beginning 13th December 


We won’t be learning any new sounds this week but will be revising the ones learnt over the past couple of weeks.  Can you remember them? 


If you make gingerbread biscuits (see Topic star), can you write some instructions for how to make them? Remember we use bossy verbs when we write recipes e.g. put, get, mix...



Week beginning 29th November


Our sounds for this week are as follows:  

Use Espresso to watch the clip about the sound


Can you read the sound?

Can you write the sound?

Can you put the word into a sentence? 



Monday - oi    rhyme "spoil the boy"           oil, coil, soil, spoil, noise, coin

Tuesday - ai    rhyme "snail in the rain"      rain, stain, paid, afraid, main, plain

Wednesday - oa  rhyme "goat in a boat"     goat, boat, coat, float, toad, moan

Thursday - aw   rhyme "yawn at dawn"       paw, claw, saw, thaw, lawn


Friday - practise any sounds from this week the children have found tricky.



Espresso - Scraps's Phonics and Polly's Phonics


User name student3792

password t****y (clue - Christmas)

The daily challenges could be quite fun or why don’t you watch the daily news and see if you could write a few sentences about the key stories?

Click the link below for more activities:


Phonics Play

Week beginning 6th December


Sounds for this week:


Monday - ur "nurse with a purse"    burn, turn, lurk, hurl, slurp, nurse, hurt

Tuesday - er "a better letter"        over, better, litter, hamster, supper, letter

Wednesday - ire "fire, fire!"           fire, hire, spire, bonfire

Thursday - ear "hear with your ear"  ear, hear, dear, fear, gear, tear, year

Friday - ure "sure it's pure"            sure, pure, cure, picture, future, mixture


Use Espresso to watch the clips or use YouTube and search:


'Mr Thorne does phonics' and include the sound for the day to watch a clip.