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Leonard Class (Year 6)

 Leonard Class Year 6

Mr Sturmey, Mrs Welsh, Mrs Fleming and Mrs Hendra

2023 - 2024




Dear Leonard Class,

Thank-you so much for our end of year gifts and messages. You have been a wonderful class and we have loved teaching you. Move on with confidence and show the world what kind, creative and talented human beings you are. 

We are grateful to Mrs Turner for putting together a film of the  Leaver's Service. You will find it on Bishop's Hull TV. 

Missing you already. Have a great summer.

Mrs Payne and Mrs Wallis



Autumn Term Overview and Curriculum Letter



Bravo Year 6 for a memorable performance which included acting, singing and dancing. Mrs Payne and Mrs Wallis are incredibly proud of you all.


Escot 2023

 Our residential trip to Wildwood Escot begins on Monday 22nd May.

Click below to find out what we will be doing each day.

Don't miss this amazing opportunity!

Luke Jerram's sculpture 'Gaia' is currently installed in St Mary Magdalene Church. Taunton.


This sculpture measures 6 metres in diameter. Can you imagine that! This is a wonderful opportunity to see our planet on this scale.


Click here for further information.


Book Week 2023

 We have officially launched our new reading BOOK NOOK. The Book Nook will be open at lunchtimes. Our Year 6 book enthusiasts will be at hand to encourage others to read plays together, act out stories and get their teeth into some great information books. There are joke books for the natural comedians amongst us. Click here to find out more.

Book Week Dressing Up

Book Week started with a special assembly.

Teachers and teaching assistants performed

'What the Ladybird Heard' by Julia Donaldson.

The children dressed up as a book character or a person in an information book.



Book Week

Performance Poetry

For our final Book Week assembly, each class performed a poem.

Year 6 performed The Poetry Chant by Les Baynton and The Teacher's Day in Bed by David Orme.


The Easter Story 

at St Peter and St Paul's Church

On Thursday, the children visited their local church where they took part in activities relating to the Christian celebration of Easter. After listening to the story of Palm Sunday, the children thought about their own hopes and dreams as they waved palms. Reflecting on friendship and caring for others, they found out about how Jesus washed his disciples' feet. They learnt about the history behind the Jewish festival of Passover and Jesus' Last Supper which he kept with his disciples. 

In a recreated Garden of Gethsemane, the children considered how Jesus must have felt when his disciples fell asleep and he was captured by the Roman soldiers. They pressed their fingers into plasticine to create unique petals for the 'garden' as they reflected on their own uniqueness. A 'Roman soldier' told them about Jesus' crucifixion and the children thought about people or countries experiencing suffering today.  It was a thought-provoking afternoon.


After learning about Henri Rousseau at school, the children were asked to create a book about the artist for home learning. We are incredibly impressed with the children's commitment and standard of work. It was lovely to hear about the support from home. Art loving parents and grandparents got involved. Fantastic! We are proudly displaying the books in class.

Autumn Term 2022


Our new class name is Leonard Class after the fabulous author MG Leonard.



We will be reading MG Leonard books together over the course of the year. However, we start the term with a book by Katherine Rundell called the Explorer. It's a cracking adventure.




" It's the things you read at the age you are now which stick. Books crow-bar the world open for you!' (Katherine Rundell - Rooftoppers)




 Design and Technology 

During the Autumn Term, the children had a specific design brief. They were asked to create a rainforest inspired cushion which would include a batik design. Some recycled materials had to be included.  It was  important the cushion would appeal to both male and females as it was to be given as a Christmas gift.

Well family members - we hope you enjoyed unwrapping your wonderful batik cushions on Christmas Day.


Many thanks to Mrs Foster who taught the children how to use a sewing machine.  




Christmas Party 2022

Paying Our Respects

Every year at 11 o'clock on 11th November,  people in Great Britain stop for a short moment of reflection. They remember the service men and women who have died during wars. 


After a special assembly at school, Year 6 walked to the war memorial in Bishop's Hull. 

The war memorial stands on the wide bend opposite St Peter and St Paul. 

There are 34 names on the memorial for World War I and 12 names for World War II. The memorial was unveiled on 6th November 1921.


Mrs Payne read some poems by John Foster and John McCrae. There was a  quiet time to reflect. Then a poppy was carefully placed to show our respect.


Year 6 Play Leaders

On Tuesday 20th September, some of our Year 6 Children attended a Playground  Leadership Course. They learnt how to help younger members of our school create games using the playground markings. The children worked incredibly hard. We were  proud with the way they conducted themselves and rose to the challenge. They are certainly stepping into their Year 6 shoes admirably. Well done Year 6! 


2021 -2022(ARCHIVE)

Morpurgo Class Year 5

Mrs Payne and Mrs Wallis

Summer Term 2022

This term we have been reading Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo.

In the story Michael, his parents and their faithful dog Stella set sail around the world in their yacht the Peggy Sue. 

The class  experienced what is was like to be on their own small water vessel when we had a day rafting and kayaking at French Weir.

A big thank-you to the Channel Adventure team for a great day.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Longrun Meadow Guided Nature Experience

We spent an enjoyable morning with the Friends of Longrun Meadow. The  Meadow is a wonderful place to explore and find new things. Our thanks to Philppa Lausen and the team who not only looked after us, but shared their knowledge of the living things that are right on our doorstep. 

We identified many plants and animals:  clover, cuckoo spit, goose grass, ragwort, birds-foot trefoil, red admirals, black caterpillars (which are the larvae of the Peacock butterfly) and the list goes on.

Did you know that aspirin comes from willow? 

Did you know that goose grass was the inspiration for velcro?

Did you know that oak trees produce galls?


The Platinum Jubilee


This year we are marking the long reign of Queen Elizabeth II, who has been queen for 70 years, with a celebration called the Platinum Jubilee.


A JUBILEE is the celebration of the life and reign of a monarch. Rather than happening every year, jubilees only mark significant milestones, making them more special.


Each jubilee has a name, used to reflect a certain length of time.

  • Silver Jubilee marks 25 years on the throne
  • Ruby Jubilee: 40 years
  • Golden Jubilee: 50 years
  • Diamond Jubilee: 60 years
  • Sapphire Jubilee: 65 years
  • Platinum Jubilee: 70 years


During the extended bank holiday, people and communities will come together to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee.


Bishop's Hull Jubilee Picnic

On Friday 27th May, our school gathered together for a special Platinum Jubilee Picnic. The sun shone brightly and we celebrated.

Alberto Giacommeti

We have been learning about Alberto Giacometti who was born 10th October 1901 in Borgonova, Switzerland. He was a painter, sculptor, draftsman and printmaker. However, he is most famous for his sculptures of human forms. Giacometti once said that he was not sculpting the human body at all, but rather the shadow it cast.


We have been inspired by Giacometti and created some of our own sculptures.


Giacometti was extremely self-critical. He once said, "The more you fail, the more you succeed."


We are learning about living things and the life process of reproduction in plants and animals.

Blue tits are one of our most instantly recognisable birds. Their blue, yellow, white and green plumage make them a very attractive garden visitor. In February, Mr Payne set up a bird box in the garden and installed a camera. It didn't take long for a pair of blue tits to move in.



IMG_2675 (1).MOV

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Click  on the Home Learning Star to see more of the  Easter Holiday Eggy Challenge.


Spring Term 2022



Learning about our local history at the Museum of Somerset. What a pleasure to take such well-behaved and interested children to this workshop.

"Reading can take you places you have never been before."

   Dr, Seuss

"I was reading a book ... 'the history of glue' ... I couldn't     put it down."

   Tim Vine


Unfortunately, James was poorly and couldn't be with us for Book Week. However, he planned his costume and made it. That's impressive James.

Can you spot his Cat Kid costume?

JAZZ MUSIC Let's improvise!


Autumn Term 2021



We start the term with Michael Morpurgo's thought provoking story 'Shadow'.



Hello from Mrs Payne and Mrs Wallis. We are delighted that you will be joining us in September. You will officially be a member of Year 5, Morpurgo Class. We like to have fun in Year 5. We also take our learning seriously as there are oodles of interesting things for us to discover and learn.


Parents please click on the READING STAR. There is information about  supporting  your child with reading and about how to use the READING DIARIES.


We are pleased to announce that Sports Leaders from Bridgwater and Taunton College will be working with us on Thursday afternoons from 14th October. This means the children will need to wear PE kits to school on Mondays and Thursdays.


Watch this space for more sporty photos.


We imagined we were Isabel in Tom Percival's book ' The Invisible' and wrote some diary entries.

We have been learning about Space and the Solar System. Oil pastels were used to draw the planets in the photograph. The children also made a concertina book about stars and constellations.

What a pleasure it has been to look at your half term home learning. We have all enjoyed sharing jokes. The witty wordplay made us all laugh!

Art inspired by our Ancient Greek history lessons.


These two talented young ladies  are in a dance team called Next Generation. Recently, they travelled to Berkeley in Gloucestershire and took part in a local competition. We are delighted to announce that they have qualified for the national competition. This will take place later this year. Watch this space! Well done girls!





A Morpurgo Class IT Challenge


Touch typing means being able to type at speed and with accuracy, without needing to look down at your hands on the keyboard. If you can touch type, you are a speedy typist. 


This is an incredibly useful skill to learn. If you practise for 20 minutes a day, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.


Go on! Get those fingers tapping.  Start by clicking here.