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Ahlberg (Reception)

Welcome to Ahlberg Class.




Our classes are named after authors (people who write books).

Our class is named after Janet and Allan Ahlberg.

Allan wrote the stories and Janet illustrated (drew pictures) them.


Have you read any of their books?


You will find lots of these books in our class library.

 Perhaps you could tell us if you have any of the Ahlberg’s books at home?




Please read the latest update below.


Phased Return to School from June 1st

We hope you all received a letter from me about plans for returning from June 1st. Thank you to all who have let us know what you have decided.

Keep using to get in touch.

 The timetable for the groups is below as sometimes it doesn’t show clearly when opened  on an ipad. We have tried to put children with friends where possible. We are not able to give out information about which other children are in your child's group. 

Each child has been allocated a group, whether or not you plan to send them back in June or not. That way we keep a space available for them if you decide to send them back at a later date. 


Week 1


Group A


Group B


Group C


Group D


Week 2


Group A

Monday and


Group B

Group C

Thursday and


Group D



from Mrs Nolan 22/05/20

Below are some stories that may help your child with coming back to school.

Coming back to school in a bubble

An audio recording of a short book to help 3-7 year old children back to school in their new social bubbles.

While We Can't Hug by Eoin McLaughlin

Hedgehog and Tortoise want to give each other a great big hug, but they're not allowed to touch.

Two Meters Away - Social Distancing Song for Kids

This catchy song teaches kids about social distancing, explains why it's important to stay 2 meters away when around others and how long that really is.

Learning at home email address


Please remember you can send us comments/pictures of things you are doing at home to but always remember to put Ahlberg or Nolan in the subject box so we will be able to find it easily. Thank you. We look forward to seeing what you have been doing!

NEW!!                     Wellbeing Page


Mrs Waller and Mrs Derbidge have put together a Wellbeing page (found under the 'Children' tab on the website or click on the link) which may be of use with explanations and help at this tricky time. 

Have a look at the Bishop's Hull TV page (or found under the 'Children' tab) for 2 messages you may like to read.




Welcome back to the 2nd half of the Summer Term. 



We miss seeing you and look forward to when we can have lots of fun in class together again. 

Our topic is Blue Planet.


During this term we will be learning about the living things that can be found on our planet as well as about the planet itself. 

Click the star below for Weekly Home Learning Activities.

Please note: the 'Phonics Play' link on the plan for the week beginning 11th May may not work - please see the note which I put on the Home Learning sub page (below) to hopefully help with this. Thank you.

If you feel like doing some PE at home, have a look at these ideas - use the 2nd sheet to record what you do and challenge yourself to improve each time.

Don't forget you were given Purple Mash passwords in your 'Home Learning' pack. 


Once you have logged in, you can explore any of the programmes and areas, but if you click on the 'mini mash'   icon, it will take you to another area in Purple Mash which has been specifically designed for reception aged pupils.


Sometimes on our weekly home learning plan we will direct you to specific activities we would like your child to do. At the top of the 'home screen' you will see a red clipboard with a tick inside called '2Dos'  Clicking on the '2Dos' icon will take you straight to activities we have suggested on our home learning plan.


It is a good idea to explore this site with your child at the start of the task to show them what to do, also sometimes the instructions aren't clear and we have found you just have to click on things to 'explore', see what happens and what things you can change. For example in the 'Zoo' activities - visit the zoo - we have set, clicking on the box that says 'questions' gives harder questions and in the programme clicking on the girl with the speech bubble changes each question, but we had to 'play' to find this out!


Have fun! 

Click here to enter your username and password.



New 'sub-pages' added 26th April 2020


In the sub-pages below, we will add new resources/activities/ideas for home learning other than those put on the weekly learning document.

Remember to keep looking at the 'general' ideas for home learning too - we try to add a few new songs/ideas or videos as we go.

Feel free to swap between the daily activities and these - remember we are not expecting you to take the place of 'being in school' just trying to help with continued learning. 

We miss seeing you all!!


Remember to look on the Forest School webpage for forest school type activities you can do in your home and garden.

Lots of them are 'off screen' ideas.

Although we have deleted 'past weeks' of Home Learning activities, we have left some of the links we used in them below as well as on our new 'sub pages' if you would like to revisit them at any time. 

This ebook 'What's Going On?' below by Clare Shaw may help explain what is going on for children.

Basic Playdough Recipe

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /oa/

Watch UK school teacher Mr Thorne and Youtube sensation Geraldine the Giraffe take you on a learning journey through the world of phonics, grammar, spelling ...

PE - Jo Wicks is doing workouts at 9am on YouTube. Have a go at his workout - you will need adult help to follow this link and set it up.  Maybe you could get your family at home with you to join in too😁?
Support for those learning at home.

If you would like some ideas that don't involve 'screen time' (even though I have added one video link to show you how you could use play doh!), try some of these. There will also be some ideas on the Forest School page.

Fine motor development | Playdough song | If you're happy and you know it

A fun playdough song to develop fine motor control and coordination - get your kids ready for writing! Easy to follow playdough routine which is 3 minutes lo...

This sheet gives some great ideas for indoor activities you could try. Some of them night be easier than others for you to do and some may need recipes/more explanation which is on the website.

Below please find some useful suggestions and activities that you may want your child to complete at home. You will find various links on our class page to songs and video clips the children can watch and we will add to these in the coming days and weeks. 


One of the most important things you can do is to keep up with your reading - as well as your child reading, try reading a bit each and share lots of stories with them. 


Keep practising phonics. Use the phonics cards and mats we have sent home recently but you could also make your own and try lots of different ways to engage your child for example, writing in foam (or soap bubbles which is a great way to keep hands clean!) or at the other end of the spectrum, mud writingwink!


Ideas for practicing the phonic cards:

Make another set and play snap or pairs, make bingo boards, choose a sound and write a list of real and nonsense words, pick a sound, think of a word containing that sound, write a sentence using that word, put the cards around the house and send your child on a sound hunt.

sh- shop          oo- book          ie- pie            ee- sheep 

th- thin           oo- moon         oa- boat         ng- ring

ch- chip           ai- rain            or- fork


Choose a digraph or trigraph from the phonics mat and make a list of words with that digraph or trigraph. How many can you do?


Practise reading numbers to 5, 10 and 20. (Not just counting but reading any of those numbers in any order). 


Order numbers to 5, 10 and 20. (Put the numbers in the correct order).

say the number that is 1 more or 1 less than any number up to 10 or 20 without counting to it - you just need to know it!


Find different pairs of numbers that make numbers up to 10

E.G. 7 = 4 + 3, 5 + 2, 1 + 6, 7 + 0 etc


Count on from a given number up to 20 (without starting from 1) E.G. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and so on  

2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc

15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and so on.


Number bonds to 10 Learn the pairs of numbers that add up to 10.


Look for and name different 2D shapes around the house E.G. circle, triangle, square


Model making  - if you have some empty boxes/tubes, let your imagination run wild and see what you can make - if you can name 3D shapes (cube, cuboid, sphere) at the same time that's great!


Look out through your window and do some bird watching.  We have learnt lots of names of garden birds at Forest School - how many can you remember? How many can you spot?


Draw and label a picture


Practise writing your name- if you can write your first name your challenge is to learn to write your surname!


Learn some of the tricky words (see the song videos below)


Sight read the first 45 words (a sheet was given out at Parent's Evening showing the ones your child can read but please keep practising all of them then move on to the 'first 100' sheet again given out at Parent's Evening)


Learn to spell and write some of the first 45 words!


Choose a digraph or trigraph from the phonics mat and make a list of words with that digraph or trigraph. How many can you do?









Try these sing along maths songs with Numberblocks.

24.02.20 As tomorrow is Pancake Day, today we learnt about Shrove Tuesday and why we have pancakes. We learnt a poem about making pancakes and a song as well as making and eating pancakes.

24.02.20 A wet and muddy Forest School today but we still had lots of fun. Lots of us explored the feeling of mud on our hands and squelching between our fingers.


Today it was too windy to go outside for Forest School so we did Forest School inside!

We started the session by talking about the storm over the weekend. We talked about what it did to the trees and how it made us feel. We read ‘After the Storm’ and then did lots of windy day activities. Miss Brimble asked if any of us knew what a wind sock was. Albie explained it brilliantly and told us all about them. Miss Brimble showed us how we could make a wind sock or a kite, we also made a maze and used a straw to blow a ping pong ball around it. We also used a straw to do some b’blow painting’ which is where you put blobs of paint on a page and blow them around, mixing the colours together and making fun shapes.

Afterwards, we took our kites and wind socks outside and ran around in the wind to see them work.  What a lot of windy day fun!


It has been lovely this week to have some colder weather. The temperature drop has caused quite a bit of excitement in Ahlberg Class! We loved coming in to find the water in our outside tray had frozen. Great to play with, not to mention lots of discussion about ice and water as well as solids and liquids.

We went on an icy walk at the start of Forest School. We made footprints on the icy grass and picked up icy leaves and made finger prints on them. We watched as our finger prints spread over the leaf as the ice crystals melted. We touched different types of materials to see how they felt when it was icy. We climbed a mountain (well, a muddy mound!) which was great fun. We helped each other climb up and get down. Some of us decided to slide down. We looked carefully at some frozen flowers we found. We followed Amelia’s footprints as she led us across the grass. 

Afterwards we went into he copse, set up the fire to warm our fingers and toes and had hot chocolate/squash and biscuits. 


Finding out about ice.

Autumn 2019


To begin this half term we will be getting used to being in school and our new classroom routines.


We will be trying lots of new things and trying hard to listen, share and get along with each other!


Later this half term our topic will be 'Royalty and Rebels'. We will link this with learning nursery rhymes and stories about kings, queens and rebels.


We will start to go out for Forest School sessions. Our first (shorter) session will be on Monday 30th September. Over the next few weeks we will learn about fire and fire safety as well as do some number work, phonics and have plenty of exploring time. We will spend lots of time building up our muscles to help us when we start to write. 











Today was too windy to go outside so we did Forest School inside!

We had materials to make pictures, wood blocks for threading and we also did some tool work. Some of us used the hand drill and some of us even had a go with the bow saw!

Can you spot the repeating patterns we have made?



Today in Forest School we went on a number hunt. We went around the copse looking for numbers and trying to read them. There were also some cards with cvc words on that we practised our phonics with. We talked about how we could make patterns using pine ones, sticks, leaves, nuts and apples. We spotted the patterns that Miss Brimble made then some of us had a go making our own patterns. They were very good. 


We we talked about Remembrance Day and why we have it. Just before 11 o’clock we came back together as a group and had a 1 minute silence to show our respect (2 minutes would be a little too long for us!). Miss Brimble was very impressed with how quiet we were for the 1 minute and thinks we should do this more often in class!!



Today we went on a bear hunt! 


We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury is one of Miss Brimble’s favourite books. 

The children joined in with lots of parts of the story as we acted it out. We went through long, wavy grass on the playground; crossed a river; got stuck in thick, oozy mud - some of the adults got so stuck, the children had to help pull them out and their wellies came off! Then we tip-toed through the Forest, went through a snowstorm and into a cave where we found . . . A BEAR! We retraced our steps - very quickly - got home and ran upstairs to pull the blanket over our heads (we used the tarpaulin!). What we didn’t realise was that the bear (Big Ted) had been picked up by one of the children and was under the blanket with us. Just as well he is a friendly bear, although Miss Brimble couldn’t remember that happening in the story book!! Big Ted had great fun during the rest of the session being taken around the copse in a wheelbarrow!

We also continued to enjoy balancing and using the crates to jump off as well as building yet another ball run. We are getting really good at these activities and adapt them ourselves to make them different and more challenging. 

What a busy 1st Forest School session!


We had some rules to follow but mostly we set off to explore and have fun. We had fun on the swings, making a see-saw, chalking, carrying, building, dragging, balancing, picking and washing apples to try a slice (they were a bit sharp!). Some of us spent a long time creating a run to put the balls through. We had to do lots of problem solving to work it out and worked well as a team. We were very excited when we got the balls to land in a bucket/crate the other end!

A New Start.


We have been enjoying getting to know everyone, making new friends and exploring new equipment and games. We are getting to know routines and seeing new places around school. We have had a wander around the copse where we will do Forest School. 


Here are are a few photos showing us being very busy and having fun in our first few weeks at school.


We have been learning about the importance of washing our hands well. We talked about germs and that although we can’t see them, they can make us poorly. We can help stop this by washing our hands really well. We used glitter to be pretend germs so that we could see them and how they spread as we touch things. Everyone had a go at having lots of (pretend) germs (glitter) on their hands and washing really well to make their hands clean again.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Exploring the copse where we will do Forest School.

Our first ‘week’ in Reception

Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Episode S

Watch UK school teacher Mr Thorne and Youtube sensation Geraldine the Giraffe take you on a learning journey through the world of phonics, grammar, spelling ...

Use the Purple Mash user name and password we gave in your 'Home Learning' pack to login to Purple Mash and extend your learning. Have a play around on it to find out hat you can do.

The link below will take you to the Purple Mash site.



If you would like some ideas about E-Safety please click here

Thanks to ‘Mr Mc’ for sharing these websites and apps that might be useful.

Thanks to ‘Mr Mc’ for sharing these websites and apps that might be useful. 1
Thanks to ‘Mr Mc’ for sharing these websites and apps that might be useful. 2
Thanks to ‘Mr Mc’ for sharing these websites and apps that might be useful. 3

Apps that may be useful.


These are some some apps that Ahlberg Class may use during Computing lessons.

You may like to have a look at them yourself and your child might enjoy using them at home.


Monster Hunt - improves memory skills




Hairy Letters - phonic practise



Jigsaws 1,2,3 - problem solving with puzzles



Drawing Pad




Teach Your Monster to Read - there is an app you can purchase but if you have access to a computer/laptop it can be used for free.


Picture 1

Please remember that you are welcome to pop in and see us before or after school. If you are unable to come into school you can get in touch via the school contacts page.